• Top 10 Best Movie Actors of All Time!

    #9 – Morgan Freeman

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    Morgan Freeman was born in 1937 and began his acting career on the stage. He earned a Tony Award nomination in 1978 and several Obie Awards. He worked in television before becoming more prominent in film. He earned his first Oscar nomination for the 1987 film, Street Smart. He has been nominated for five Oscars and won one for his performance in the 2004 movie, Million Dollar Baby. He has received five Golden Globe nominations, winning his first for the 1989 film Driving Miss Daisy. Freeman has been in many fan favorites including Nurse Betty, Batman Begins, The Dark Knight Rises, The Shawshank Redemption, Glory, The Dark Knight, Unforgiven, Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves, Seven, Deep Impact, Bruce Almighty, and Invictus.

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