• Top 10 Classic Mustangs & Camaros!

    #10 – 1967 Camaro SS350 Convertible

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    The 1967 Camaro SS350 was GMs answer to the hugely popular Ford Mustang GT Convertible. The SS350 packed 295HP under the hood and had a 0-60 of 8.0 seconds with a quarter mile time of 15.4 seconds. Its stylishly sporty looks and enhanced performance made it the convertible buyers’ choice for those who wanted a performance rag-top that wasn’t a Ford.  Sales, though not equal to the very successful Mustang, were very close. Ford now had stiff competition in an otherwise unchallenged playing field.  Chevy had entered the race and had made its’ mark. The battle of the pony cars had begun!

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