• Top 10 Greatest Military Airplanes of all time!

    #10 – Bell AH-1 SuperCobra 1969

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    Previously used in Vietnam, Grenada, and Desert Storm, the Bell AH-1 SuperCobrais now used by the US Forest Service to fight wildfires. This combat helicopter replaced the Apache for the United States Marine Corps in the early ‘70s and is one of the most successful fighter aircrafts used in low-altitude ground missions. It has two blades, twin engines, and requires two pilots. The SuperCobra reaches 218mph at top speed, and can climb 1,620ft/min. Most surprising, the helicopter can hold over 3,400lbs, usually supporting a 20mm M197 Gatling Cannon, 14 Hydra 70 rockets, 16 missiles, and two Sidewinder anti-aircraft missiles. The SuperCobra proves that big things often come in little packages.

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