• Top 10 Motorcycles of All Time!

    #9 – 1969 Kawasaki H/500

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    The 1969 Kawasaki H1 500 put Kawasaki firmly on the map of motorcycle enthusiasts, and adrenaline fuelled fanatics. This was an exciting entry into thestreet bike scene, which quickly rose through the ranks to become renowned for the speed and power. Backed by its 498cc, air-cooled two-stroke engine, it is also referred to as the Mach III. Kawasaki aimed for and achieved, the outstanding power to weight ratio, choosing to pair a piston ported triple motor (over the more common twin cylinder prototypes) with the lightest chassis possible. Entering the market at a $1000 price point, Kawasaki established itself as a street bike specialist focused on power and speed.

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